As recent owners of the Quinta we benefit from its rich history as well as recent restoration. We would like to thank Tony and Penny Ross for their work in recovering the Quinta at the turn of the century.  Quinta do Scoto, built in 1746, had been empty for over 20 years and was in need of major restoration works. Tony and Penny undertook the daunting task of restoring the Casa, Barn, wells, irrigation tanks, aquaduct and 7 acres of land. This restoration has enabled this substantial historic property to survive for at least another few centuries. We are eternally grateful for their efforts that allow us, along with our guests, to enjoy Quinta do Scoto in the coming years.  

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Sr. Miguel Suite

Thank you to Sr. Miguel, and his workers, of Variaveis Continuas Lda (919729263) for their high quality workmanship and commitment to completing the restoration. As a contribute to his work the suite Sr. Miguel is named in his honor.

Traditional Tiles

Much of the ground floor of the Casa has traditional Portuguese antique painted tiles and many unique and unusual features. The sympathetic restoration has retained these features whilst updating standards to those that add to the experience of our guests. Professional advisors and some of the approval bodies wished for the sizes of accommodation to be reduced to allow for more guests. Tony and Penny's vision was to provide spacious rooms with high quality traditional and antique furnishings, even if this meant not maximizing the financial potential seen by others.

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